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2 years ago

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Still I can not believe that happened, but he did, what happens next that really know. Currently we are in our mid fifties and I am the only man, my wife always has. We need to talk during sex and often lead to others in our fantasies. I had discovered some things a few years ago, and my wife, it took some time to overcome, but we have lookforporn now and all is well again, wake up, so sometimes my wife asks me in detail about my lover and say actually reaches exlicit my descriptions of what they like and what we did. My wife is Youngers much of his age and always dresses well and looks good, his body, despite being a little attention continues its Overweight atrracts 36c bust is your most valuable asset. Anyway, last night they were stopped at a light waiting to turn right when a BMW pulled with three young men about twenty-five years on the side. First smiled at my wife, who smiled back and then agitated and generally mucking about. My wife also said that elthough I turned fifty, I'm still excite the attention, I was amused by the events and thought it was funny and said his only interest tits, thank you very much, they said, a bit annoying. The lights seemed to have aged to the changes and the boys continued to "chat " on them. As you change, do not know what I say, but I just said, so his day for a flash, you need the wine he had drunk during and after dinner, but she said she was fine and the next I knew lookforporn he was pulled over and bra and her breasts lookforporn were visible. The lights changed and as we left, the children shouted and applauded and waved to us. I turned lookforporn right and looked to see my rear view, track and continue to change us. My wife laughed lookforporn and told me that now he has done there for us. Oh, shit, he said, pulling her shirt down. I had about a mile down the road, which was very nice, and I threw a couple of times, I started a little care, there lookforporn are threeand she asked what would happen. I asked my wife what to do, and stop suggestedc and say it was kinda funny, but now it's over. I have indicated and stopped at an ordinary person of the class that was the entrance to a field, when he threw himself behind me, got out and walked toward her. The driver opened the window and I said look guys, it was a bit of laughter, but that's all,Oh, what a shame, she said she has the tits together we can just take a look down the street and fell to laugh. They seemed nice people and relaxed some feel no threat at all, is not it would not do again was just a spur of the moment, something totally out of place, I said, well at least let us asy hello said . It could not hurt, I thought and wondered what Sue would face when he saw up close, ok then come and then its bedtime. They lookforporn got out of the car and the four of us walked to my car, Sue just want to say hello and really thanks for the Flash Ihe said with a smile that seemed to pork, which said that all red like the three boys. He said hello, thank you very much, it is a sport at the lights, the well- Sue said, pleased to meet you. The atmosphere was very tense now the jokes had ceased, and everyone was fighting for something to say, blushed the lookforporn driver, who were pretty sure that just beautiful tits, Sue further and said that three are the only people to do except my husband, we're flattered, said he would like a closer look. I was speechless and asked me before this had happened the adulation paid off and Sue said it a glance and lifted the top bra and exposing her breasts to the three young boys. I was glued to the tip, I bet a year's wages would never do such a thing, but because he exposed lookforporn her breasts and her nipples harden in the air of the night, suddenly reached out and sticking points. Oh, well, lookforporn he said, as she was suspended. I leane
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